A brand born of need

Experience combined with time and successes.
In 1989, Francesco Marrocchino opened his first company in the Professional Kitchens sector, gaining over 15 years of experience in the food industry. His vision of ensuring immediate delivery of a product, along with a logistics and post-sales service, caused a revolution in distribution in an attractive market. In 2004, his son Vittorio Marrocchino founded Mastro GmbH. Like father, like son. Passion is the driving force for business. Over time, the company, which started its only operation as a distribution-oriented enterprise, adopted the perspective of a manufacturing concern. The Virtus Group, currently run by the father and the son, is a brand that professional chefs can rely on when striving for perfection.


years of work for catering


warehouses in Sweden


custom designs of appliances


completed investments

Manufacturer and seller of catering appliances

In 1995, Mariusz Cieślewicz started working as a catering equipment production manager, in 2012 he opened his own company for catering equipment production. As the son, I use acquired knowledge and several years of practice to open new horizons and build a new, unique and satisfying in every respect, brand of products which is Alimax sp. z o.o.. Together with Virtus (Germany) and MC Trading (Poland), we create the best offer of reliable catering appliances in the Polish market.

Distribution of Virtus Group Products in Poland.

FThe Virtus Group is one of the largest distributors of catering equipment in the world. Carefully created product range and several dozen thousands of products in stock shows a lot of years of efforts to create the best offer for customers. Due to the increasing demand for catering equipment and the ever-increasing progress of the catering industry, Virtus has decided to start its activity also in Poland, through the regional representative Alimax sp. z o.o.. Check our offer and find the right product range for you. You are welcome to cooperate with us.